Research Reports

Economic Impact of Toledo Community Foundation, Inc.

According to the report, “[the activities of Greater Toledo Community Foundation] have been shown to boost the overall economic output, stimulate gainful employment, and contribute to shifting the composition of the local economy towards faster-growing industries and above-average paying jobs.”

Economic Impact Study Cover of Report
The Economic Impact of Toledo Community Foundation, Inc.


A Look at the Nonprofit Landscape

Assessing Community Needs

In an effort to better understand the critical needs of the community we serve and concurrent with implementing a new strategic plan developed by the Board of Trustees, Greater Toledo Community Foundation (GTCF) engaged W. E. Upjohn Institute to conduct research to identify and define community needs.  That process identified multiple critical needs that are addressed in the Executive Summary that follows. With the exception of the text in red, this summary is taken verbatim from Upjohn’s report to GTCF, including the maps which were moved from the final report and identified as ESMap# for context purposes only here. 

Community Report – A Framework for Tutoring Services

In 2015, community leaders gathered to discuss the importance of high-quality academic tutoring.  A need was identified to understand what a strong business model would look like for our community. Greater Toledo Community Foundation engaged Lourdes University to build upon its 2007 study, available below, which had identified best practices in academic tutoring programs.  This new study, released in May 2017, provides updates on those best practices, analyzes the current local landscape, and describes how other successful communities reach more children with higher quality tutoring through a sustainable, community-wide business model.

Questions regarding this report should be directed to Keith Burwell, president, Toledo Community Foundation, at or 419.241.5049 x101.

Recommendations from the Lucas County Head Start Task Force

Federal legislation aimed at improving Head Start quality resulted in notification in December 2011 to the Lucas County Head Start provider and 131 other grantees that they must re-compete for their Head Start grants. Interest by local stakeholders in a collaborative and successful grant application led to the assembly of a “Lucas County Head Start Task Force,” charged with researching effective Head Start models and sharing its findings with stakeholders. 

Questions regarding this report should be directed to Keith Burwell, president, Toledo Community Foundation, at or 419.241.5049 x101.

2011 Compensation & Benefits Survey

The Center for Nonprofit Resources, in partnership with Findley Davies, Inc., created an updated, comprehensive tool to gather data on nonprofit compensation and benefits. This report is a free resource for our community to use in budget planning as well as compensation and benefit reviews.  Click here to visit The Center’s website to learn more.

Questions regarding this report should be directed to Heather Bradley, Director of The Center for Nonprofit Resources, at or 419.241.9513.

Community Report – A Tutoring Program Assessment

Findings from this study include categorizing types of tutoring services and identification of 50 common best practices inherent in tutoring sites which provides a basis to assess tutoring programs in Northwest Ohio.

Needs Assessment of Emancipating Foster Youth in Lucas County, Ohio

This study explored the needs and services of youth that are in foster care and youth that have emancipated from care in Lucas County. Findings from this study include detailed recommendations for funders, Lucas County Children Services and community service providers.

Questions regarding these reports should be directed to Keith Burwell, president, Toledo Community Foundation at or 419.241.5049 x101.

“Communities in Crisis” prepare report for Obama’s Transition Team – Pennsylvania and Ohio call for $3.3 billion funding boost to safeguard safety nets

A detailed report (published Jan. 10, 2009) documenting the severe impact of the economic crisis on communities in Pennsylvania and Ohio determines that the two states need an additional $3.3 billion in funding over the next two years to safeguard their social services safety nets.

Senior executives of five community foundations that collaborated on the report, including Toledo, convened in Washington, D.C. in late January for further discussions to support their call for the Obama Administration to give priority to strengthening community safety nets as part of its proposed national economic stimulus package.

Toledo Promise” Scholarship

In the fall of 2008, Toledo Community Foundation engaged The Upjohn Institute to study the concept of a location-based scholarship in Toledo. Their findings, “Toledo Promise Scholarship Concept Study”, were released in March 2009. The “Promise” is a community program offering extensive coverage of college costs for a large number of students in the community. This study reviewed the current environment in Toledo for such a scholarship as well as the programs around the nation that could offer insight to a potential program in Toledo. 

Questions regarding this report should be directed to Keith Burwell, president, Toledo Community Foundation at or 419.241.5049 x101.

Lucas County Transfer of Wealth

Today, the current net worth of Lucas County is estimated at $33.4 billion.  During the coming decade, $6.42 billion is expected to transfer from one generation to the next.  Over the next 50 years, the estimated transfer of wealth for Lucas County alone is $38.9 billion.  This research estimates the portion of wealth transfer likely to happen in our state and community.  Retaining a slice of that wealth for philanthropy as it transfers generations is a historic opportunity for strengthening Lucas County. That’s why the Community Foundation is working to secure planned gifts and bequests through endowed funds that will ensure a stronger future for not only Lucas County, but for all of Northwest Ohio, forever.  This complete report of Ohio’s wealth transfer opportunity includes background, analysis, methodology and county comparisons (published Oct. 2007).

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Economic Impact of Foundations

Economic Impact of Foundations – This report, sponsored by The Philanthropic Collaborative, assesses the economic impact of 2010 Foundation Grantmaking on the domestic economy.  The study was conducted by Steven Peterson, Clinical Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Idaho and Benjamin Fujii, Research Assistant, University of Idaho and completed in November 2012.